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Insatiable is as Insatiable does
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First let's get this straight - I'm a bigger girl (about a size 20). I'm told I'm quite an attractive one, but larger women may not be your thing. I can understand that, it would be a boring world if we were all the same or interested in the same things. I just think it's important to get that cleared up from the start. Sex is a very important part of my existence and I'm looking to act on some of my fantasies. I have a fabulous partner who is absolutely the love of my life. But for some things you require more than one person. He's completely supportive of me fulfilling my desires and will be present if my activities include other men. If it's other women I'm playing with, then he doesn't need to be, though of course he'd like to watch. What heterosexual man doesn't find the idea of women together appealing?

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Age 50 years old 25 - 45 yrs old
Location Melbourne,Parish of Saint Paul,Australia
Relationship status Married
Smoking habits
Nationality Australia
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Religion Catholic
Education level
Profession Politics / Government / Military

What I'm looking for

I'm interested in meeting intelligent people who are attractive to me and understand sensuality. Large cocks do it for me in a huge way, whether they're the natural attachment to a sexy man or a strap-on being operated by a luscious woman. I like it long and hard and slow and deep. And often. Men: Well endowed and sensual. Nicely put together with the capacity to hold a decent conversation. Comfortable with the idea that my man will be there when we play, and while he has no interest whatsoever in contact with another man, he will be involved. This is my fantasy about attention from more than one man and he's happy to help me fulfil it. Women: I'm looking for a woman with great breasts who will fuck me slowly, deeply and intensely while I kiss her lips and fondle her breasts. I also am excited about the idea of going back to back with a double ended dildo with a sexy woman, getting each other off by bumping our round bottoms together. Couples: I'd love to do a threesome with a woman who sits on a man's face, while I ride his cock, her facing me so we can play with each other at the same time. If any of this sounds of interest to you please get in touch ; )
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