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Iím an 19 year old Lebanese girl with a big heart and a big smile Ė I love smiling! I'm at UOW. I'm Changing my degree at the end of the year. I'm Loving Uni life!! I am a HUGE NRL FAN!! I Love FOOTY and I'm A HUGE SOCCER FAN!!!! I love Clubbing and Raving. Love going to raves. Electronic Dance Music is a.w.e.s.o.m.e - if you have not been clubbing and/or raving - then i'm sorry you are missing out! Raves are the best! Atmosphere 10/10 and the Music 10/10.. - UN (DCM) - Roxy - Tank - YU - Kink - Dragonfly - Glasshouse - Famous - The Bligh - Goodbar - SPACE - Icebox - Heaven - Havana - Sapphire Suite - DETAILS I classify myself as Loud, Funny, Spontaneous, Crazy, Compassionate and Easy-Going. Iím a friendly girl that is happy to get to know everyone. I love my family and friends Iím very protective of them and love them all heaps. I'm an honest and loyal person. I put others before myself. I enjoy the company of positive people. I'm always laughing. I look at the funny side of everything even if itís at my own expense. It takes a lot to make me upset or angry! I'm always smiling I'm pretty much known for my infectious smile :) Iím SHY at first but when you get to know me I can be very CRAZY at times... But you'll get used to it. I'm pretty laid back and I enjoy life and go with the flow. I like to think that I'm always Friendly and Bubbly and a person who has heaps of energy. I'm the kinda girl that likes to laugh and have a good time. I love having a night out with my girls... Meeting new People is awesome. I just love to go out and have a great night with a lot of laughs and dancing!! Iím always up for something new. I am lucky to have a bunch of crazy but awesome group of friends. I believe that everyone should have a positive attitude and outlook on life (yes I know this seems very clichťd). People should try to see the positive in a negative situation. Sometimes life is too short to hold a grudge. I have met some amazing and inspirational people in my life (well so far)some I can call my Ďfriendsí. Right now life is AWESOME Julz xo

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Age 33 years old 18 - 24 yrs old
Location Sydney,Antigua and Barbuda (general),Australia
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A guy that can keep up
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