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Looking for people to hang out with
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Iím 18 live in Port Macquarie. I enjoy going out and having fun, I'm a very easy-going girl who is keen for a chat, very laid back and open to anything. I'm 5ft 3in and only weigh about 48kgs so be gentle cause I'm almost petite. I've got a curvy body. If thatís what you're into you'll like it. I wouldnít say I'm athletic because I donít work out or play sport or anything but I'm smaller than average lol. I have long, straight, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Not the biggest girly girl but im growing on it. My sister just started making me wear perfume and i found a scent i like so ive been using it often. I LOVE shoes but thats not surprising in women lately. I wear dresses all summer and love my jeans in the winter. Don't wear jewellery so don't think you will ever have to buy me diamonds or anything like that. I'm a pretty happy person; I just don't tolerate other peoples shit when I don't have to but thatís ok because you will know about it; I speak my mind. :) I listen to variety of music would probably be mostly pop, RnB, urban etc. but thatís because I watch Channel [V] a lot. I donít knock it till I try it. I donít mind techno or stuff like that only when I'm out but (its good dancing music). I like going out clubbing or just hanging at the pub but i often bum at home in my flanny pj's and watch a movie with some marshmallows or popcorn :) If you want to know anything else just send me a line.

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Age 30 years old 18 - 24 yrs old
Location Port Macquarie,Antigua and Barbuda (general),Australia
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Looks are good but not a requirement. In general you need to be fun otherwise you might not interest me; I enjoy a good sense of humour and also open to any conversation (and I mean any, nothing bothers me). Favourite body part is shoulders! If you work out I want to meet you because if they are hot I wonít be able to get my hands off you. :) I donít drive because I'm scared of driving but if you have your own car I love going for a cruise. Into hard workers. That way i know your not generally lazy and you know how to keep me keen :). Honesty is a must. You don't have to tell me everything but you shouldn't hide anything either because i would do the same to you. You don't need to respect women just me and you will receive the same level back. If you're married or over 25 don't bother because I'm not into large age gaps or cheating on people. I'm still a baby in the adult world.
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