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HeyIthinkUshouldReadThisOne :)
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Hey Hey I'm trina.. Im probably best described as -quiet- -LOUD!- -shy- -out going- -loving- -caring- -sympathetic- -girly girl- -tom boy- -COMPLETELY RANDOM!- Im always up for anything! I love to party, go campin, motorbike ridin, go to the movies, go to the beach, have bbqs what evers good to do at the time! I'm really laid back and I put everyone else before myself. I come from a huge nutty family but they grow on you! My cousin is next to me and she said to put down that one of my best qualties is my cooking .. I don't know why .. you'll have to find out lol.. I'm doing a course at TAFE to be a mechanic and I'm going to a child care course. I really don't care about stuff like money and like you know having like the best of the best because I wasn't brought up to think that you have to be perfect which is something I'm not and I love it lol I have a random/quirky/cute/DIRTY sense of humour lol I love to write poetry and stuff like that I love music and couldn't live with out it lol .. except for someone stole my mp3 player :| oh well shit happens! I think that everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in except for when it comes to fords over holdens YOU FORD PEOPLE ARE SOOO OUTTA TOUCH lol I'm joking. Wow I cook, clean, do the washing and vaccuum .. ( and I'm being serious lol ) and If I sound kinda up myself your totally wrong Im really not noooooo where near it .. Just when I try to explain myself I really can't lol xx and my wisest words would have to be Never regret anything that makes you smile. :)

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Age 32 years old 18 - 25 yrs old
Location Traralgon,Parish of Saint Paul,Australia
Relationship status Single
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Nationality Australia
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Religion Non Religious
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What I'm looking for

someone whos up for a good laugh just wants to live life and be happy and is thats up for anything and doesn't laugh at me when I hurt myself lol .. but nah easier to explain if you actually talk to me on msn or something I probably sound like a real up myself bitch by now hey?
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