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Almost every time I have been in love I had an overall physical response when we met: my heart beat faster, I got sweaty palms, I felt a bit hyper, I was overly talkative, or became uncharacteristically shy. If I am deeply attracted to someone immediately, I will trust my emotions and I am willing to start a serious relationship right away I trust my romantic instincts. If I am seriously drawn to someone, I don't care about traditional matching characteristics (like a certain age or financial status). I go for it! When it comes to romance, I believe that it is better to go for it and risk getting burned than to hesitate and never know what might have happened. If there was a contest I had almost no chance of winning, I'd still enter, even if there was a fee. I'd think at least I'd have a chance to win! I've never regretted putting all my feelings on the line and making myself vulnerable - even if I didn't get the person I originally wanted. If I felt deeply in love after a couple of months of being with someone I would be willing to get engaged or move in together

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Age 36 years old 18 - 30 yrs old
Location Duntroon,Australia
Relationship status Single
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Nationality Australia
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Religion Catholic
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Profession Other

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I expect the person I love to be honest and true to me. I don't feel the need to be checking up on them, as suspicious thoughts almost never cross my mind. When I start something new, I expect it to work out. I tend to get going right away and trust that I can correct problems along the way rather than having to do long periods of research before I begin. Just because something has failed before, doesn't mean it will fail again.
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