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I AM ANNI. anni i am. im happy. smiley. friendly. loving life. i love to laugh! i love doing crazy things. if you dont know where i am, head to the beach. i do not think stress is necessary. i think unhappy people choose to be unhappy. i like to find the good in everyone. i give my trust away too easily, which can tend to slap me hard in the face. i dont take life too seriously, im just cruising along, enjoying the ride. I love loyal honest people. i respect anyone that shows respect for themselves. I think its important to be able to laugh at yourself. I dont dwell on the past, if its in the past. leave it there. i love the awkward silence in the middle of a conversation. i love music and people that play music are the most talented people going round. The beach is my home, any beach, anywhere, as long as it has sand and salty water, im in my element. i like to think im a free spirit. i think the world is beautiful, and i cant wait to get out there and see more of it! I BELIVE THAT TO LIVE A HAPPY FORFILLED LIFE, YOU must appreciate the simple things and remember that everything happens for a reason. never regret anything, because at the time it was what you wanted. WHEN U WERE BORN YOU WERE CRYING AND EVERYONE AROUND U WAS SMILING, LIVE UR LIFE SO THAT WHEN U DIE, YOU ARE THE ONE SMILING AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU IS CRYING.

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Age 33 years old 19 - 27 yrs old
Location Melbourne,Parish of Saint Paul,Australia
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality Australia
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Religion Other
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Profession Hospitality / Travel

What I'm looking for

down to earth, cool guy.
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