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married bored yup know the story?
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hi there iam a married woman who does not have any love and att anymore ,hubby is just to busy to pay att to me , been married since 17 ,not really looking for sex ..well rephrase this shall we?!!! i cant remember the last time he looked at me , i mean really looked at me ,i can tell him i went naked to coles and can say "did u know they sell live animals in there now"? and he will reply really thats nice gals u had fun ...grrrrrrrrr men what the hell do i hafta do i ask u iam looking for a good conversation, eye contact is a must , love hugs and deep deep toungue kisses and if it leads to sex well so be it , but i wont jump into bed with you the first time cant put my pic here as it may be dangerous lol... need a friend a hug a kiss and maybe who knows. dont want a pretty boy who loves himself ffs , want a guy who is gr8 fun a bit kid like in nature ,has a great sense of humour, loves a good deep hard kiss and can tell me what iam wanting and thinking, just by eye contact , the eyes say it all . i have large breasts d cup not as hard and perky as i want but iam 44 and had kids swinging off them so thats how they are take em or leave em alone lol have a nice butt and legs not perfect model body but happy i have wicked eyes if your under 30 please dont contact me i have kids nearly your age ffs ideal man like down to earth guys not guys who a pretty boys and think they are gods gift . att i dont want to be caught up in your little games , meaning i dont want to be just another one of those women on your list of tropheys u have done if u get my drift .. i also dont wana be talked about to your mates like iam some sort of merit you got , like its a race and u can brag about another one u got had did and pushed aside if you want that go pay for a professional , i like solid guys toned guys, but i also like big guys nononononon not big guys as in there size of there u know whatsy lol ... but big guys as in on the big side can be carryin a bit of weight . but most of all i like someone who has a nice smile and to me eyes are my favourite thing besides a nice personality. smile and your eyes show me who you really are , i dont want to marry you , i also dont want to have a toy boy who does everything that moves and as i said before then brags to his mates about it ... iam to old for that shit , i can be wicked , i can be cheeky , iam very loving caring , i need someone who is soft and isnt a fire sign like myself , i feel i need someone who is the complete opposite to me , i can also be lashing if you wish

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 59 years old 30 - 50 yrs old
Location Gosford,Antigua and Barbuda (general),Australia
Relationship status Married
Smoking habits
Nationality Australia
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Religion Other
Education level
Profession Clerical / Administrative

What I'm looking for

just a friend can be stocky guy or medium build as long as you speak english iam not fussy lol
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