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i would love to find my soulmate
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ABOUT ME- well my life and all about me will not all go onto this page but i will give you bits and pieces ok .. - i love MUSIC - fairly opionated at times - doesnt understand why most of life is based on sex and sexual inuendo - believes in destiny and fate - a tomboy at times - quiet - crazy - loves freedom - loves her friends and family - loves music - loves ipod - hates politics - makes love not war- loves homosexuals- believes in star signs- sometimes - pisces- loves queer as folk- loves animals great and small - loves dancing - loves jeep wranglers - loves mazdas - loves vw beetles - pug lover - believes you have to fight for what u truly want in life - fighter - timid - crazy bitch - - hates tv - hates sleeping - can swear really bad without people caring - i dont understand the world today - sometimez i believe the world has gone to shit - loves a good cry here and there - loves horror and romance movies - myspace whore - loves pasta - believes whatever is meant to be shall be - believes there must be a higher power than us - hates skirts and dresses - loves glowsticks - loves disco balls - hates homophobia - hates being alone at times - dreamer - unsure sometimes - loves the movies - loves winter nights curled up in bed watching a really bad movie - laughs at nothing in particlur at times - has a huge heart most of time - open minded at times - can be a dork at times - doesn't understand fashion - loves body lotion from the body shop - wants to travel in the near future - scared of death - hates heights - loves to sing but has no voice lol - can be hot and cold sometimes - believes theres a angel and devil in us most of the time I DONT DO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE...I DONT DO BACKSTABBING OR LIARS OR CHEATERS !!! MY MAIN THING ABOUT ME IS I DONT WANT SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE... someone is my soulmate out there....i know that !!!! if you wana get to know me ... let me know !!!

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 36 years old 24 - 35 yrs old
Location Seaford,Parish of Saint Paul,Australia
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality Australia
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Religion Other
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What I'm looking for

a soul mate just like me, loves life, and who does not believe in sleeping around., just who loves me and who will RESPECT ME and me kind and loving towards me, be there for me, who will live life and walk through life with me. my soul mate/ my life partner I WANT SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT WANT SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE !!!! SOMEONE WHO WILL RESPECT ME .... australian/ caucasions only... thank you !!! A bonus would be if he was catholic or christian or of the new age/religious/ spiritual only ....please
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