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slave jackie
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i am an intelligent educated woman with a sharp mind. i am focused insightful and emotionally aware. i am a slave. i am, and can only ever be slave to One. i am 35 years old and it has taken me a lifetime to find a Master of a calibre mentally, emotionally, and intellectually to whom i would surrender. i refused to dumb down to be owned. i could not surrender to One who i did not feel was superior to i. Should those reading this choose to consider the reality of what i have written this should explain more clearly than attestations to Masters greatness the magnitude of the One who owns me. i am a domestic slave, embracing the strictness and protocols of Victorian style domestic servitude. my dress, demeanour, deportment and protocols are strict in my domestic service. i have been trained and guided to be perfect in my ownership in this regard with precision and care by my Master. i am a sexual slave, trained and perfect in my sexual service to my Master. i am aware and offer my body in various manners that are required of me to please my Master whether it be cruel and debasing in my violent and brutal use for His pleasure, or in gentility and sensuality as is His pleasure. i do this in silence if instructed or emitting cries of passion and pain if instructed. Bringing Him to orgasm is my duty and i do so in complete surrender, with class and precision. i am His. He owns me, trains me, keeps me, uses me, punishes me, rapes me, instructs me, and protects me. i surrender to His punishment of me for His pleasure. i accept His sadistic expressions on my body with whips, wax, clamps and canes so that He is pleased. i accept His caress and gentle use of my body in the same manner as i do His sadism. They are expressions of Him despite their opposition and i receive and comply with the same emotion and grace. He induced my milk with pumping, massage, and a disciplined regime. Now i am perfect with jets of milk from my small firm full breasts. i am His whore, His piss slut, His thing of class, beauty and perfection in my presentation. i am His princess, His object to ignore, punish and defile, i am His little girl to care and nurture. i am His slave. i trust Him i love Him i am completely trained and owned by Him.

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 50 years old 18 - 60 yrs old
Location Adelaide,Parish of Saint John,Australia
Relationship status Single
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Nationality Australia
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Religion Non Religious
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Profession Legal Services

What I'm looking for

i seek she who is of like mind, a kin soul .....adventurous and free in spirit, not afraid to dance on the edge.... a wicked sense of humour..... horny as hell... ;-) .... not taking self too seriously, but serious about who she is and what she wants. It matters not your experience, only your willingness to explore and embrace your deepest and darkest desires. In all else you will be trained and guided. I will guide you. Master will guide you. Your use by U/us will be total. Your guidance will be precise, it will be strict, but it will also be rational. While W/we dance to a slightly different tune, we are also very grounded souls. W/we are both professionals in Adelaide - Master runs His own business, and I am a lawyer. We are deep intellectual and emotional beings, highly sexual, and enjoy the company of those of a similar bent. It helps if you're local or a regular visitor to Adelaide.... but don't be shy if you're not. I don't bite..... much ;-) If what is written here, makes your heart flutter and your cunt wet in desire… contact me. Women only, any men who contact me will be blocked, don't waste your time. I only seek reality, not cyber. If you contact me, be prepared to supply a photo, email address and phone number.
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