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Here we go again with trying to describe yourself in a few words....I will start with I am a big football fan...the I love to camp, fish I like anything outdoors. I am happy going out, but just as happy sitting around the house reading a good book too.I could tell ya that my friends say I am outgoing and overall a pretty nice person...but would YOUR friends tell YOU otherwise. I mean think about

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 40 years old 26 - 40 yrs old
Location Adelaide,Parish of Saint John,Australia
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality Australia
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Religion Christian Other
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Profession Medical / Health Services

What I'm looking for

I know the answer to this and only because its pretty universal - Someone who is my best friend. We should click, be able to trust and complain to each other, laugh so hard our stomachs hurt, talk all night and still have more to say - or not talk at all and still feel like it was the best time spent. Someone who is always in your corner, even if they are a thousand miles away. Even if they don't agree with you and you know it, you still know that they are there for you. It's best if he also understands that having some time apart can be good for a relationship - sometimes I just want to hang out with friends/family without him and he has to trust me with that. Basically, a best friend who is SO much more. A plus would be somone willing to put up with my stubborness or teach me how to camp or who loves the beach and the water (because I practically grew up there!!). Any of the above would be great - but none of the above might be great too --- sometimes you never really know what you want, till its right there in front of you
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