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No! It's nothing to do with my sox!
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A bit about me. I'm very passionate about my kids, family & friends. I love nothing more than spending time with those I hold dear. I'm a romantic at heart and that has often lead me down the path of disappointment, but I still hold an eternal hope that one day, when I least expect it, I'll find the love of my life. I'm by no means a princess! I love boy things (rugby league, motor racing and cricket). I'm not entirely comfortable with dressing up to the nines. I can get my hands dirty and muck in when needed in the garden, fishing or camping. I'd love to travel, although the lack of financial security has delayed that dream (but I will do it one day). The lure of the 5 star resort is calling me - even if just for one night to experience the upmarket side of life. I'd be equally happy in a cabin in the country or the hills as long as there is hot & cold running water, lights and someone exciting, warm & tender to share it with me! Ok, now for the not so flattering things about me -my self image is not great, I hate the dark, I'm a little larger than I would like to be and I'm a diehard Queenslander! Some good things about me - I'm passionate, sensual, thoughtful, caring, sincere, honest and really, really one eyed when it comes to those I care about and my cricket & footy.(some may say that should go in the paragraph above). I enjoy a good laugh and quality time with a partner. I love candles, thoroughly enjoy the serenity of a bubble bath, and love music! I have two boys who truly are the lights of my life. While they are grown now (23 & 19), they will always be my main priority. They both say I'm way too picky when it comes to men (but let's face it, they are looking at the dating thing with raging boy hormones). I'm a sucker for nice shoulders and tops of arms, lovely smiles and stimulating conversation. I like to be mentally challenged without it being too obscure! I was married for 19years and have no desire at this stage to repeat the process unless an extremely special man comes along. Having said that, I'm not looking for casual, no strings situations and I'm certainly not looking for another woman's husband. If you love laughing, chatting, lazy Sundays, cuddles, kisses and holding hands, then feel free to contact me.

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Age 55 years old 38 - 50 yrs old
Location Landsborough,Parish of Saint George,Australia
Relationship status Divorced
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Nationality Australia
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Religion Non Religious
Education level
Profession Clerical / Administrative

What I'm looking for

Ideally I'm looking for someone who is willing to have an exclusive relationship. I'm not looking for someone else's husband who wants to 'spice' up his life and I'm not looking to make the man my husband either. I appreciate the artwork of lovely shoulders & tops of arms, and I'm also facinated by bald men - BUT.... they are not the only type of man I"m interested in. While a certain amount of physical attraction is required, he must also be more than the 'outer package'. Looks fade - intellect and values don't. NOTE: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CASUAL, NO STRINGS SITUATIONS! My kids tell me I'm too picky - but I'm not going to waste your time or mine by settling for someone who doesn't 'click'.
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